You may have used numbers of medicines for many medical problems treatment but there are some medicines which are preferred by everyone due to their best results. In the days of competition, every pharmaceutical company is trying to produce those medicines which can work efficiently against the health diseases and can be sold at cheap rate so the majority of people can purchase them. Considering these things, new medicines are being sold at very affordable rates and people are satisfied with their working too. A medicine named Cialis is considered one of the best medicines ever made. Doctors recommend this medicine to those patients who are facing those medical problems in which high blood flow rate is required. Erectile dysfunction in men and pulmonary arterial hypertension are some of those medical problems which are treated by increasing the blood flow rate.

Let us discuss about the erectile dysfunction in which the deposition of cholesterol inside the blood vessels decreases the flow rate. In normal situation, the blood flow should become high when a person is sexual stimulated but it does not occur in an impotent man. The cholesterol layer acts as a hurdle in the flow of blood and minimizes the flow rate of blood. A person who is having erectile dysfunction does not need to be worried about this sexual problem because its treatment is now available. No doubt, you cannot treat ED permanently but you can get rid of erectile dysfunction for a few hours. The impotent man, who is facing difficulty in achieving the erection of penis, can get 3-4 hours erection by the use of those medicines which are available in chemist’s shop. Cialis is one of those medicines which are used for this purpose. It comes in the form of tablets and three strengths i.e. 2.5 mg, 10 mg and 5 mg. You can use any dose of Cialis as per your requirement but it would be better if you take prescription from your family doctor. Your family doctor will also tell you about its side effects which you can carry any time and what you need to do in case of emergency. These all things are important to know before the safe use of cialis.

Users of cialis should keep one thing in mind that it cannot keep you save from getting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV Aids etc. To avoid them, you will have to use contraceptive device. Cialis is only used by those who are suffering with sexual dysfunction. Besides this, the use of recommended dose is considered very safe for the health. Many people take more than 1 does within 24 hours and face different kinds of health problems. It is highly suggested to those people to take every medicine under the prescription of an experienced doctor. All in all, Cialis is very useful tablet for the male who wants to have satisfactory sex and wants to get happiness through sexual intercourse. Cialis is also used by those who are facing pulmonary arterial hypertension in which relaxation of muscles in needed.